Hey!! Welcome to Womb Buzz -Professional Vaginal Steaming.  We help empower women to empower themselves by giving you the natural know how to help overcome gynecological struggles, making sure you are Pure As Honey. We provide our own hand-made herbal blends that naturally detox giving you a replenishing womb buzz. 

Womb Buzz is for the young lady who has just started her menstrual cycle, the new mom who just gave birth, the female who is curled up in bed having a long painful heavy cycle; the lady who constantly feels like she’s in the Sahara dessert, the couple that is frustrated because of being unable to conceive a child for unexplained reasons, the overworked woman who needs a pamper me day, and every woman out there who loves a natural detox- period.


My name is Melita Quick and I am the owner of Womb Buzz. I am also a Women’s Womb Wellness Advocate, Certified V-Steam Practitioner, Respiratory Therapist, wife and a mother of five. Thank - you for allowing my team and I to help you on your natural journey to womb wellness.

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