Bee-Hive V-Steam Blend

Bee-Hive V-Steam Blend

Take the sting (cramps) out of your menstrual cycle and allow the Bee -Hive Herbal Blend to clean and disinfect the overgrowths such as (mucus, yeast, clots, bacteria) The Bee -Hive Blend helps you get the perfect period. This blend features Mugwort, Morherwort, lavendar, rose, sage, Rosemary, mint, Red Rasberry Leaf and more. Packed with a selection of herbs to give you a lovely and effective cleanse, this fragrant blend combines comfort, cleansing and healing herbs resulting in a happy uterus and a comfortable cycle. 3 Uses/pack


  • Symptons

    Heavy periods, painful periods, PMS, cramps, elongated cycles, mood swings,

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