Queen Bee Herbal V-Steam Blend

Queen Bee Herbal V-Steam Blend

General herbal Blend that cleanses the many layers down to the cells of the Feminine Reproductive System. This gentle blend helps to restore the natural nectar that a queen invigorates. A queen maintains her sweet flowery natural fragrance with the nutrients of Callendula, Basil, Mugwort, Lavendar, Comfrey, Rosemary, Plantain. These herbs will relax you and speak to your queendom no matter where you are. You are the queen. Have a seat on your throne! 3 Uses/pk

  • Warrenty Info.

    Western Medicine hasn’t fully embraced the healing benefits of Steaming, although it is a world wide ancient healing modality there simply isn’t a lot of information available in the western world. Prior to steaming we suggest you talk to your Naturopathic doctor.
  • Symptons

    General blend, increase vaginal nectar, basic blend, first v-steam, odor, deep sleep, cleansing herb, peace, relax, calm

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